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A simple acronym sums up our Modus Operandi:

W = Wildlife 
I = In Trust
S = Safekeeping
E = Education

Our motive is quite simply WILDLIFE.  We believe that we hold wildlife and wild places In Trust for the next generation and that forms our objective.  While we as the gatekeepers hold this sacred trust for the next generation, it is important that these resources be protected, hence, Safekeeping is our goal. 


So how can this be done?  Well, 60 years of Conservation Education success has taught us that EDUCATION is the tool to achieve this.

Stringent controls and guidelines have been established and the bar is held high.  Recipients of these Awards will not only receive special recognition from the people they serve but will be recognized as part of a coalition that is committed to making wildlife and fish part of the value system of every Albertan.

The bar is set high.  We intend that these Awards will establish a standard of excellence for all Albertans to emulate the activity, performance and commitment demonstrated by the HERO’s profiled by the awards. 

On an annual basis we will recognize Conservation Education volunteers,  special ambassadors from the outfitted hunting industry, the Conservation Officers, and one special presentation regardless of connection to volunteer, industry, enforcement or other areas, that most exemplify that which Alva Bair represented during his life... true Conservation and Resource Perpetuation.


This Awards celebration was introduced in 2002 and is designed to recognize people who share the vision of “making wildlife and fish part of the value system of all Albertans.”  The Conservation Education W.I.S.E. Foundation began in 1995 and exists largely as a funding tool to assist in the administration and delivery of Alberta’s Conservation Education programs.  Volunteers from all walks of life deliver these programs, and they form the backbone of the delivery system that works to ensure that wildlife and wild places have value. 

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